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Pool address

Buckfastleigh Open Air Pool

Victoria Park

Plymouth Road


Devon TQ11 0DB

Pool info

Pool information

The pool is within Victoria Park and next to the town’s main car park.

Temperature: 26 degrees

The pool is heated so the water is warm, whatever the weather – unlike the sea and nearby rivers!

Changing rooms

Generous sized changing rooms are available all year, with baby changing facilities. 

Tuck shop

We have a well stocked tuck shop selling hot and cold snacks, including healthy options, sweets, ice creams and hot and cold drinks. It's open whenever the pool is open.

Sun deck

If you’re not swimming, you can enjoy our sunny or covered seating areas for spectators.


Despite being 124 years old the pool is fairly accessible. Between the changing rooms and the pool there are 5 steps with a handrail. Alternatively, we also have a fire door leading directly onto the poolside which is wheelchair accessible. Once on poolside, we have handrailed steps and a motorized chair which means we can make the water accessible to anyone. If you don’t see either of these but would like to use one, please don’t hesitate to ask one of our friendly lifeguards for them to put them in for you. They are there to help.

Our rules and policies

We want people to have fun at the pool but we also need to ensure that people are safe. We don’t believe in unnecessary rules and regulations, but here are our main policies.

  • Photos only to be taken of friends and family

  • No running

  • No diving under 1.8m

  • No acrobatics (somersaults, bombing, spinning jumps)

  • No fighting/pushing

  • No smoking in pool area

  • No snorkels, masks or flippers allowed in general swims or TQ11 sessions

  • No glass containers on site


Should you hear a whistle

1 whistle blast = attention from a member of the public.
2 whistle blasts = one lifeguard communicating with another.
3 whistle blasts = lifeguard taking action.
1 long whistle blast = clear the pool/end of the session.

Storms – what we do


In the event of thunder storms we will have to ask you to leave the water immediately. An ‘all clear’ to re-enter the water will be given once there has been a 30-minute lapse between thunder rolls. Unfortunately, we cannot offer refunds for lost swimming time.




Please read our Safeguarding children and adults at risk policy It is available here and at the pool reception.


Child admission policy


Children must be supervised at all times by a responsible adult (16+) in and around the pool area.

All children under the age of 8 years must be accompanied into the pool by a responsible adult. 


Any children who are weak swimmers or non-swimmers should wear suitable recommended buoyancy aids, stay in close contact with the supervising adult and remain in the shallow end at all times.


Parents are requested to ensure that their children wear aqua nappies where appropriate. These are available to purchase from the pool reception.


Admissions policy


All children under 8 years old must be accompanied in the water by a responsible adult who
remains within arm’s reach at all times. One responsible adult may accompany either 1 child
under the age of 5, or 2 children under the age of 8, so long as no more than one is under
the age of 5. The use of flotation devices does not alter this policy. For the purposes of this
policy, an adult is any responsible person aged 16 or over. All non-swimmers, irrelevant of
age, must stay behind the shallow end width rope at all times. If a swimmer wishes to
progress beyond this point they must undergo a swim test by the lifeguard on duty. Tests
are performed at the lifeguard's convenience. Responsible adults accompanying a non-
swimmer must remain in arm’s length even when in the shallow end.

Lifeguard instructions are to be obeyed at all times and their word is final.


Children 8 years and competent swimmer*: unsupervised


*A competent swimmer means a swimmer who can swim 2 lengths of a recognised stroke. Lifeguards may need to see proof of a child's ability to swim the required distance.

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